This page is links of sites that I like.  Some are from people I know and some are just sites off the web that I found and thought that you all would like.

DejaNET Communications - Web Hosting, Web Design, E-Mail Services, Internet Access, And Networking.
Virtual Concepts - He Custom Builds Computer Systems - He built mine up for me!!!  Retail Shop  - 3162 Hts. Ravanna Road, Muskegon, MI (231) 767-9930 (Great Prices)
The Chain Gang - Body Jewelry of Quality, without the price of Quality
Rob & Val's Celtic Homepage - CEUD MILE FAILT = 100,000 Welcomes
Matt's ramblings - Has some really good pictures of Australia.
Koncrete Records - Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Diamond Kid's New World Order - Jeremy Holmes personal leap into the web.... - Some really great things here!!!!
Free Durex Condom - If you are going to do it, you better be protected!!!!!
Anancyweb -40,000 plus Links to some of the best pages on the web
Starsong's Page - Really great site on piercings and tattoos
Bruno the Clown- Really great clown that works the Great Lakes area.  He will travel for your needs.
Scared Skin
Free Publications
Sex Test
Thrive Online - Really good sex quiz!

Tattoo Flash

Tattoo Savage

Piercing Tribe - Body Piercing Digital Magazine
Over 18 - Adult - Vote in the flash splash contest where your's truely has entries.
The Body Art Book

International Tattoo
One of a kind body art from Samoa, Japan, Mexico & beyond... Museum Milestones: Body art - marks of identity. The Tatau's endless journey.

Tattoo Planet
Conventions: Barcelona, Anaheim. Grime: Rebel Genius. Samoan Tatau: History and meanings. Chris Pack: From Germany to Japan. Morbella: On the road art gallery. 1940s flash art.

Starlight Tattoos: The awe-inspiring art of Mario Barth. Marks of identity: The Big Apple's ground-breaking tattoo exhibition.Old School Tattoo Expo - Respect is the name of the game.

Outlaw Biker Tattoo Revue
Slammin' Silk City fo NJ. Jammin' JK5 of NY! Capobianco & Kruger's colorbox! Canada's smilin' Buddha! Plus lots more!

Skin & Ink
Skin & Ink

A monthly tattoo magazine that combines professional photo layouts with in-depth articles, monthly columns, industry news, and special reports. View designs from world-renowned artists in the tattoo industry, and stay up-to-date on their latest techniques by reading this essential magazine.

Gold Gold body piercing jewelry. 
Vanishing Tattoo - A Tribal Tattoo Journal by Vancouver tattoo artist Thomas Lockhart.  A very informative site.
Sacred Heart Studio - A large collection of body piercing pictures and tons of information.
Monty's Little Corner - Tons of info, links to great sites, and you'll never get bored.

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