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Prince Albert Piercing Information

The Prince Albert is the most popular of all male piercings.  It seems to be the general idea that a Prince Albert piercing is one term used for all penis piercings.  The fact is, the Prince Albert is only one of several male genital piercings that are available.  The healing process for the Prince Albert is faster than most, and it has been considered to be the most sexually appealing male piercing.  The piercing normally takes between 2-4 months to fully heal.  With this type of piercing you must remain abstinent for atleast one week.  After that week sexual activity can be resumed with very careful measures.  A condom should be worn during the entire healing process.

The Prince Albert piercing, in most cases, is performed by inserting a needle receiving tube into the urethra and then starting the needle from the outside and feeding it out through the tube.  There are not many complications associated with this piercing.  There is always a chance of rejection, but the likelihood is minimal.  Even the piercee's own urine serves as a healing agent, and it is not necessary to clean the piercing after urination.  The other variation of the Prince Albert is the Reverse Prince Albert, which is essentially the same, but the jewelry circles around to the top of the head instead of the bottom.

The piercing is done with a ball closure ring that is 2mm thick with an internal diameter of approximately 15mm.  After 2 months it's best to increase the ring to one of 2.4mm thickness, this is far more comfortable during sex.  Other forms of jewelery, circular barbells, banana barbells, and prince wands may be worn.  The size of the ring that is used for the initial piercing, is determined by educated guesswork.  It is difficult to know the exact size until you have an erection.  If the ring pinches the skin or is uncomfortable when you get an erection, it may be too small.  If this happens the ring must be changed immediately for a larger one.  If a ring that's too small is left in you may tear the piercing which can result in infection, or the wound may continue to tear and become very uncomfortable.  The recommended jewelry for the Prince Albert is a 10 gauge captive bead ring or circular barbell.  The circular barbell may be more comfortable for an uncircumcised penis.

It has been said that you should use a diluted betadine solution, soft soap anti-bacterial soap, or many other types of cleaning products on your new piercing.  Because no one has come to a complete right or wrong to which way to go follow your aftercare instructions given to you by your piercer.  The way your care for your piercing can make a huge difference as to whether your piercing will heal up quickly and stay where positioned or to not heal and migrate through the skin. 

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